T I C K L E    A N D    T H E    I V O R I E S



We are pleased to announce that His Excellency, Crispin Conroy, the Australian Ambassador to Nepal (until the end of 2003) has kindly agreed to become the team's patron (this is fair dinkum !).

Crispin scored a goal in a Visitor's game, and may even play for the Ticklers in the 2005 season. As such suggestions are invited for a suitable team nickname for him. We also welcome his delightful wife, Esperanza C. Martinez, as a supporter of the team, and potential player.

The team hopes to tidy up the website in the new year and suck up to dedicate a whole page to our distinguished patron.

(Now that we have a patron, can anyone suggest what we're supposed to do with one ?)


When in Singapore, the team holds strategy workshops at its coffee shop of choice,

The Coffee Master Cafe, run by Robin and Melinda Chee

The cappuccinos are excellent, and the team thoroughly recommends the Spicy Thai Chicken Sandwich (toasted on focaccia). It is located in the Katong Mall (#01-25) at 112 East Coast Road.


Sponsorship and advertising information is available on request.



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